Frequently Asked Remote Car Starter Questions

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Common questions we recieve from our clients

We work on hundreds of vehicles every year & often customers have questions.
The list below are the most common questions we receive & if you have questions not listed, send us a message.

Will installation of a remote starter and/or security package void my warranty?

No, it doesn’t. The proper installation of a remote start key and/or the security system packaged doesn’t void your warranty. But, there is a catch – the system must be installed professionally! Did you know that it is against the law for car dealerships to void a vehicle’s warranty just because you installed a car remote starter?

But, you have to take responsibility too. You should ensure that the installation is done correctly so that the remote start installation doesn’t damage the car resulting in the voiding of the warranty. Our team of trained technicians will ensure the flawless results during its short stay here at our facility.

My vehicle has a chipped key system, can I still have a remote starter installed?

Yes. We have integration modules which will start your car safely and securely. You should, however, note that some vehicles come with the chips inside the vehicle. For this reason, it is important to have your car analyzed by a professional for an accurate estimate of the work time, as well as the installation costs.

My vehicle has manual transmission, can I have a remote starter installed?

Yes, it can be installed with our remote starters and security packages which work precisely on manual transmission cars. For this to work, you have to leave the car in neutral and also set the emergency brake before you remove the key. In the manual transmission reservation mode, this setting keeps your car running as you exit the car and shut the doors.

I already have keyless entry on my vehicle, why should I add the remote starter option?

First, the factory keyless entry system has a limited range, and our high-quality products have an extended range so you won’t need to worry if the vehicle is locked. You just need to press the button.Secondly, our system lets you add extra convenient features like the remote popping of the trunk, defrosting, or warming the car seats.Finally, our remote starter reduces the number of key-fobs to carry around & sometimes, we can even keep your factory key fab.

Will installation of a remote starter consume more fuel?

No. In fact, the contrary is true – if you use it correctly, the remote car starter improves the gas mileage by letting your car warm up and thin the oil. This is because driving a cold vehicle soon after starting lowers gas mileage as the engine works harder.

I park in my garage, do I need a remote starter/security alarm?

While it may not seem like a necessity when you are home, it is a necessity when you are away from home. You will benefit from the remote alarm when out shopping or when traveling. Look at these features in terms of the convenience they add and the security.

During the summer & warmer months, will I use the remote starter?

Yes, the remote starter isn’t only viable in the colder months as you can use it to cool your vehicle alongside the AC. Think of it as the cool remote button in summer!

My car has a factory installed security system, do I need an additional security alarm?

For your peace of mind, yes, you need it. This is because most of the factory security systems are only effective as deterrents to theft. They prevent the car from running and sound an alarm. However, our security systems have options for shock detection and advanced two-way remote alerts. They protect your belongings in your vehicle along with potential damage to your vehicle externally.

Can I have my remote starter/security system removed from my other vehicle and installed into my current vehicle?

We don’t recommend this. Even though you should have the installation works done at the place you purchased the features, you should avoid removals or re-installations. This is because the warranty applies to the initial installation and also, you will incur additional and unnecessary costs. Instead of going down this expensive path, let our trained professionals offer you the latest high-quality products on the market with a warranty that we can stand behind.

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