Why Choose us?

Can we all agree that finding service providers of excellent car remote starters is hard? While other companies are offering some of the same services, it is good to find a one-stop-shop for all your automotive lifestyle needs. You need a company with the experienced set of hands, proficiency and excellent customer service to know that your automobile is in the right hands.

If you have been looking for the perfect remote car starters and security systems shop in Richmond, Virginia, you are at the right place. Welcome to Audio Express, your one-stop-shop for all car accessories including, but not limited to remote car starters!


About Us And Our History

Old is gold, and we are proud to mention that we have been on the scene for forty years now.


When the only aftermarket accessories at your disposal included AM radios and eight-track players, the team at Dominion Radio Supply, Richmond, VA had the vision to expand the solutions to customers for their vehicle audio needs. Back then, and through to the 80s, car stereo accessories were few but, we were passionate about cars and car stereos. This was all before enthusiastic manufacturers like Kenwood and Alpine came up with their car amplifiers, CD players, and subwoofers.

Fast-forward to mid 80’s where the car audio craze and wave grew stronger; we changed our name to Audio Express, a retail-friendly name! Since then to date, Audio Express continues to offer the best services, working with the finest brands to give car owners the latest, cutting-edge technologies for your car.

Audio Express Today

Guided by the belief that we have to offer the very best in car aftermarket services and remote car starter services, we have three Audio Express outlets in the Richmond, Virginia area. All the outlets offer dedicated customer service, in-house professional installation & utilize the best top shelf remote car starter components for your vehicle.

We are your premier remote car starter & car stereo retailer in the Richmond, Virginia area. We would like to thank our local Richmond, Virginia community for the past four decades of patronage, and look forward to continued growth within our great community. Come see why we truly are “Much More than your average car stereo store!”

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."

- Henry Ford -